Mediation and Atonement

(by President John Taylor)

Chapter 1

Introductory-Christ's Testimony with regard to His Sufferings-Christ came to do the Will of His Father-The Testimony of the Father at His Baptism and Transfiguration.

Chapter 2

The Testimony of Jesus the Spirit of Prophecy-The Declarations of the Ancient Servants of God-Extracts from the Writings and Testimonies of Moses, Job, David, Isaiah, Zechariah, Micah and Hoses, to be found in the Old Testament, with remarks.

Chapter 3

Extracts from the New Testament, touching the Personal History of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Doctrine of the Atonement-Remarks on the "Times of Refreshing"-Results accruing to the Redeemer through His Death on the Cross, etc.

Chapter 4

Extracts from the Pearl of Great Price and Inspired Translation of Genesis-Record of Moses regarding Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Joseph, and of their faith in the Coming of the Savior.

Chapter 5

The Book of Mormon and the Atonement-Extracts from the Books of Ether, Nephi, Mosiah, Alma, Helaman and Mormon.

Chapter 6

Extracts from the Book of Doctrine and Covenants-Christ's Testimony of Himself, of His Power and Calling, etc.-Testimony of Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon-Record of John the Baptist-Extract from a Sermon by President Brigham Young.

Chapter 7

Introduction to the Historical Portion of this Treatise-The Dealings of God with Adam, Cain and Abel-The Institution of Sacrifice-The Symbolism of this Rite-The Words of the Angel to Adam-Lucifer-His Rebellion in Heaven-His Conflict with Michael for the Body of Moses-He tempts Christ-He is cast into a Lake of Fire and Brimstone.

Chapter 8

Seth-His Sacrifice Accepted-Rebellion in the Heavens-The Gathering of the Patriarchs in the Valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman-Sacrifices Offered There. 

Chapter 9

Enoch, his Life and Translation-References to Him by Paul and Jude-Copious Extracts from His Prophecy-The Prophet Joseph Smith on Enoch and the Doctrine of Translation-The Office of Translated Saints-Enoch's Future Work-Translation and Resurrection-Christ the Creator-Summary of the Results of Enoch's Faith in the Saving Blood of Christ.

Chapter 10

Noah-His Sacrifice-God's Covenant with Him-Melchizedek-His Priesthood-Its Powers-Instances thereof Recorded in the Bible, in the Book of Mormon and in Latter-days-All Power of the Priesthood the Result of Faith in Christ and Impossible without the Atonement-The Power of the Priesthood the Power of God-The Glory of God in the Immortality of Man-Christ the Word, the Creator.

Chapter 11

Abraham's Record Concerning the Creation-The Council in Heaven-The Father's Plan, the Son's Acceptance, Satan's Rebellion-The Agency of Man-Suggestions Regarding Satan's Plan to Save All Mankind.

Chapter 12

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Sacrifices Offered by Them-Abraham and the Gospel Covenant-Extracts from the Book of Abraham and the Writings of Paul. 

Chapter 13

Sacrifices in the Days of Moses-The Institution of the Passover and the Exodus-The Symbolism of the Paschal Lamb-The Covenant of the Atonement between Christ and His Father-The Redeemed-Tokens of Covenants-The Rainbow-The Name of Jesus the Only Name-The Levites.

Chapter 14

History of Sacrifices and the Law of Moses among the Nephites-References to the Books of Nephi, Jacob, Mosiah and Alma-The Testimony of Jesus regarding the Law of Moses.

Chapter 15

The Offering of Sacrifice in the Times of the Restitution of all Things-Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith thereof-The Sons of Levi-Mafachi's Prophecy-The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times.

Chapter 16

Brief Retrospect of the History of Sacrifice and its Symbolism-The Passover and the Lord's Supper-Christ's Relation to both these Ordinances-The Last Supper.

Chapter 17

The Atonement and the Resurrection-Adam and Christ-Why a Law was given unto Adam-The Results of Disobedience to that Law-Testimony of our First Parents-"Adam fell that Man might be"-The Fall a Necessary Part of the Plan of Salvation-God's Plan a Merciful Plan-The Plan of Lucifer-Man's Free Agency-The Chain Complete.

Chapter 18

Christ, as the Son of God-A Comparison between His Position Glory. etc., and Those of other Sons of God-His Recognition by the Father-Christ called the Very Eternal Father. 

Chapter 19

Man as Man - His Excellency and His Limitations-Salvation and Eternal Progression Impossible without the Atonement-In Christ only can All be made Alive.

Chapter 20

Christ to be Subject to Man-His Descent Below all Things-Man's Condition had there been no Atonement-The Sons of God-Man's Inability to Save Himself-Christ's Glory before the World Was-Necessity for an Infinite Atonement-The Father and Son have Life in Themselves. 

Chapter 21

The Relation of the Atonement to Little Children-Jesus Assumes the Responsibility of Man's Transgression, and Bears the Weight of his Sins and Sufferings-The Inferior Creatures and Sacrifice-The Terrors and Agonies of Christ's Passion and Death-The Tribulations, Earthquakes, etc., when He gave up the Ghost-Universal Nature Trembles-The Prophecies of Zenos and Enoch-The Testimony of the Centurion-Heirship, and the Descent of Blessings and Curses. 

Chapter 22

The Operations of the Priesthood in the Heavens and upon the Earth, in Time and Eternity-The Heirs of the Celestial Kingdom-Those who Die without Law-The Judges of the Earth-Priests and Kings-Christ the King of Kings-Condition of Patriarch Joseph Smith, Apostle David Patten and Others-Moses and Elias-The Visits of Angels and their Testimonies-Peter, James and John-The Angel in the Book of Revelation.

Chapter 23

The Laws of God Unchangeable, Universal and Eternal-Examples and Definitions-Evolutionists-Kingdoms and Light-Christ the Creator. etc.-Deviations from General Laws-Every Kingdom has a Law Given 

Chapter 24

The Results of the Atonement-The Debt Paid-Justice and Mercy-Extracts from the Teachings of Alma and Others.  

Chapter 25

The Resurrection-The Universality of the Atonement-The Promises to those who Overcome-The Gospel-Its First Principles-Faith, Repentance, Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost-Its Antiquity-It is Preached in Various Dispensations, from Adam until the Present-The Final Triumph of the Saints.  


The Ideas of a General Atonement and Redemption, Entertained by Ancient Heathen Nations, Derived Originally from the Teachings of Earlier Servants of God.